Letter to the editor: There must be a better solution to fixing roads

The Repository

I believe our roadways are horrible − not every one, but it still remains a pressing issue nonetheless.

Several areas of our city have some of the worst potholes, cracks, bumps, faded lines, and street lights that I’ve ever seen, and there's nothing being done about it. I have found myself wincing and preparing for the potholes that appear out of thin air and arrive with a huge thud and throttle of my car on the already rough road.

The ones I can avoid cause me to divert my path of travel and cause severe risk to others who do the same.

There are areas of our great city that have amazing roads. Several townships within it have great roadways with almost no potholes and smooth streets.

To me, it doesn’t seem fair to the other areas that have horrible 20-plus-year-old roads that they cold pack loose asphalt onto, which sprinkles itself away into oncoming traffic until the pothole returns a week later. The other way they try to fix these problems is with a reconstruction of the street, but that only adds another issue of having to re-route traffic. Not to mention that the construction takes place for months and months on end to the point where it becomes its own traffic stop.

It’s either a crappy quick fix that won’t last long or a minimum of several months of work disrupting traffic. There needs to be a better solution to providing safe roadways for our citizens, and we need to act fast.

Charlie Null, Jackson Township