Letter to the editor: Get priorities straight, pass stricter gun laws

The Repository

Something I don’t understand is why politicians are putting in so much effort to ban TikTok vs. putting in the effort to ban assault rifles. Recently in Nashville, Tennessee, a school shooting at The Covenant School resulted in three kids and three adults being killed. Once again, kids and adults are being killed by these weapons. School shootings are the leading cause of kids' deaths. Politicians are forcing you to have a child, but when it comes to their safety, it doesn’t matter.

Assault rifles are made to cause mass destruction, which makes them wrong for people to have. Why do people need to own these types of guns? They say these people have a mental illness, that is why they commit these acts. Then why don’t we have gun laws that prohibit people who have a mental illness to be able to purchase these guns or any type of guns?

We can’t keep failing these kids. They need to be able to go to school and not be worried about if they have to hide under a desk. Teachers shouldn’t have to go to school worrying about covering their kids from gunshots. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about whether this was their last time hugging their kids goodbye.

We need to ban assault rifles and have strict gun laws. Let's put in more work to ban something that takes lives, not something that isn't the slightest bit important, like Tiktok.

Kendall Santelle, Jackson Township