Letter to the editor: William V. Sherer II is the best candidate to be Canton's mayor

The Repository

To my fellow citizens of the city of Canton: Early voting starts April 4, and Election Day is May 2.

You and I will have the opportunity to elect the person who will lead this great city into the future. The candidate I believe to be the most qualified, sincere and committed is William V. Sherer II.

Bill is committed to improving the staffing and training our safety forces to make our neighborhoods and the entire city a safe place to live and raise our families. To improve our neighborhoods and housing stock, improving all city services, and offering financial assistance when and where it is available.

I have known Bill for 30-plus years. Bill has the knack and ability to partner with and build coalitions. I have seen him firsthand build coalitions to improve labor, management relationships. Coalitions to improve safety on the job to improve working conditions, and most importantly to demand a good work ethic from the men and women he leads.

William V. Sherer II is a natural leader and is not a career politician, which I believe gives him a clear advantage with moving our city forward. I know William V. Sherer II has the desire, the ability, and the courage to lead the city of Canton into the future, and provide a better and more prosperous city for all of us, as citizens of this great city. Vote!

Joseph L. Hunter, Canton