Letter to the editor: Pledge to save The Stables

The Repository

The Stables is a well-known and historical building in Canton near the Pro Football Hall of Fame recently owned by my sister Heidi and her husband, Mark Lancaster. It is one of the last buildings of its type left in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Please let them restore it as they can afford it. Why not let the people restore it to its glory? I will pledge $1,000 to its roof restoration. Will you?

I am in my 70s and saw it every week as a child on my way to church. I was always fascinated by it. There has to be some grandfathered provisions for a historical building such as this. I personally believe that the city of Canton wants to steal this property from the Lancasters to make it part of the Hall of Fame Village attractions.

Please prove me wrong. Mark my words and verify when it's done. I was born and raised in Stark County and am a 26-plus-year retired U.S. Air Force veteran.

Richard L. Bower, Canton